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Submission Guidelines

Take a moment to read and understand our submission guidelines in order to ensure your submission has the greatest opportunity to be approved for publication. We receive 300-400 submissions each month. Most sets are denied due to not following our submission guidelines.

We only publish quality sexy and captivating bikini, lingerie, nude, ink, and model+auto themed and non-themed sets. All sets must show skill and talent from both model and photographer.

  • Submitting for Publication

    Submit 10+ images from a single set – bikini, boudoir, lingerie, nude, ink, and model+auto.
    *A set is defined as a collection of photos taken in a single “scene”, all with identical model, lighting, wardrobe, and background.

    Each issue we publish a minimum of five (5) Showcases, one (1) Featured Model set, and one (1) Featured Photographer set. We publish 7-10 images in each Showcase, and 12-20 images in each Feature.

    Two featured sets are chosen from the seven (7) approved sets for each respective issue. Featured sets are hand-picked by the editors and are chosen according to quality, lighting, composition, along with how “hot” the set is! The COVER photo is selected from one of the two feature sets. However, we reserve the right to select a cover image from any approved set.

  • How to Submit

    Use the form on this page, or email to submissions [at] vizualmagazine [dot] com. Emails must include the same information requested on this form. Note: Incomplete submissions will automatically be denied.

    *You may also request a Vizual Dropbox for larger sets, or you can share Dropbox folders with: editor [at] vizualmagazine [dot] com

  • Selection & Approval Process

    All sets are assessed, and approved or denied, by our Review Panel, which consists of industry professionals – models, photographers, MUA’s, and agency representatives.

    Submissions are notified within 7-10 days from date of submission, whether approved or denied. A submission may also be contacted for more images, or information, to assist in approval process. A swift reply can be favorable.

    If you do not have any professional images, we strongly suggest that you book with a professional photographer in order to build a portfolio and submit work to us. There are too many amazing photographers out there to recommend a single one, but we highly-suggest the photographers showcased in our magazine – for which contact information can be found in our directory – in each issue. Shooting with them does not guarantee publication, but it will send you on the right path.

    We welcome ALL submissions, from amateurs and professionals alike. We are selective when it comes to the quality, lighting, and processing of the set, and pick the best of our submissions based on the space available before deadline.

  • Deadlines / Schedule

    Releases and hi-resolution files are due prior to any set being scheduled for publication.

    Tear Sheets, of the intro of published sets, become available immediately upon issue’s release, and are sent to submitter, upon request. Tear sheets for the entire set are available 30-45 days after publication date, upon request.

    Published artists may request tear sheets using the contact form on

  • Things to consider before submitting

    Un-processed, low-res, watermarked photos are acceptable for submission review. 18+ MP, non-marked, post-processed images are required for publication.

    Be conscious of how tight you fill the frame when shooting and cropping, as images that “bleed the page” in a magazine will lose part of their outer edge. Shoot too tight and that beautifully framed 4x6 shot loses its appeal on a 8.25x10.75 full-bleed magazine.

    We do not specify required themes. You may submit any theme you choose, as long as it falls within the glamour genre. During the holiday seasons, holiday themes are reviewed and approved above most sets – Christmas, Valentines, Independence Day ( 4th of July ), or Halloween. When submitting for a holiday theme, ensure it is submitted before the issues deadline.

  • Advertise Yourself

    We do accept advertising submissions. Models, photographers, MUA’s, and agencies should consider a competitively-priced full-page advertisement to promote themselves, and their website, product, and/or social media profiles. Advertising is a definite way to be included in a particular issue. All advertising is subject to editor approval. advertising [at] vizualmagazine [dot] com

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